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Italian Fountain Park

This is another part of the study area in need of renovation. Currently, it is fenced off and inaccessible to the public. A tiny little park with a lovely fountain feature that has recently suffered from overuse by an increasing homeless population. To protect the grass, and to keep the homeless from camping on the site a fence was erected. 


The area has also an extremely wide vehicle connector from the highway to the parking in the mall. This connection is much wider than it needs to be and is an unnecessary imposition on what could be a larger more pleasant space to enjoy. 

Adding a tunnel under the highway to connect Lois Lane to the Port Place Mall would be the opportunity needed to redesign the park so that it is a very attractive part of a connecting route through the study area and towards the mall, the waterfront and the existing bus exchange.

fountain park.03.jpg
fountain park.02.jpg
fountain park.05.jpg
fountain park.01.jpg
fountain park.06.jpg
fountain park.04.jpg
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