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Esplanade and Nicol (Conclusion)

As we finish our walkthrough we can find somethings in common with all the stops we have made along the way. This area has been neglected for a very long time. None of the issues which deplete the resources in this area have been addressed, and all of the opportunities to add to the economy of this area are still on the table.

The city recently purchased properties and proposed a plan for this area which did not address the any of the challenges associated with this area, In fact, the city's proposal would have restricted any relevant effort to address the issues that impede progress in this area. 

classic old frontage.JPG

From visiting this area on a daily bases for the last 10 years, I have identified three opportunities that can be realized by development:

     1) enhanced shopping experience designed to increase the size of the market and the local retail economy;

     2) subsidized housing development designed to add families to the area and increase the size of the market;

     3) create a neighbourhood environment that is safer, healthier and more productive.

There are also several issues that must be addressed (the first two must be addressed before anything else can be done):

     1) move people who are living on the streets  an in the parks to shelters and supportive housing;

     2) change the culture of city hall so that progressive development can be effective;

     3) renovate public space so that it is safe, healthy and productive;

     4) improve links to other retail segments of downtown;

     5) reduce the impact of vehicles on public space and make public space more attractive to those

         involved in active transportation.

The next part of this planning effort will discuss strategies intended to address these issues and opportunities. These will be developed over the next three months. For now, I will publish this document in the hopes that it will generate discussion and feedback that will contribute to improvements to this particular process. Please add your thoughtful comments to this site, they will make a difference.

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