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Walking through the study area


The Walkthrough is intended to identify issues and opportunities throughout the study area. Ideally this would involve a group of interested people who could have a conversation while walking. Important points would be recorded. Until the weather improves this won't be practical. 


For now we must settle for my observations with consideration for my bias. 


The route begins at the intersection of Terminal and Commercial Street, proceeds south along Commercial Street, then along Victoria Crescent to Cavan Street, up and over Cavan Street to Albert Street, down to China Steps and Lois Lane, then across the highway at the crosswalk to the Italian Fountain Park, to the south entrance of Port Place Mall and finally to the intersection of Esplanade and Nicol Street. There will be twelve stops in total. The walk itself would be less than half and hour as a group and less than fifteen minutes as an individual.

Please remember that a typical walkthrough benefits greatly from involving a diverse group of individuals who can engage in a free and open conversation with the other participants while notes are taken. Hopefully, another walkthrough can be done with more people when the weather improves.  

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